Making Life Easy

We understand just how hard it can be to get out the door of a morning, therefore we aim to do everything possible to support our families with convenience.  Our daily fee includes all meals and snacks, all nappies, consumables and linen.  We are very happy to use a family’s own cloth nappies if this is their preference.

All of our meals and snacks are home cooked on-site, usually with the assistance of our children.  We believe that when children have input into the menu and the cooking, they are more likely to be adventurous in exploring new foods and are better educated in good nutrition.

We encourage children to follow their body’s own natural rhythms, which include eating when hungry and resting when tired.  You will notice our children eating and sleeping at many different times within our service, as they recognise their needs. This means that one child might prefer to graze throughout the entirety of the day, whereas another child may savour four bowls of pasta for lunch! Food and eating are always positive, and mostly social times at Barefoot.