Large Natural Playscapes

Set on over an acre of land, our playgrounds offer children the original childhood wonderland.  Our children enjoy having their own tiny pony, Neekie, and her best friend, Lucy the mini goat, a small farmyard for cuddling little fuzzy chooks, treehouses to explore and develop their muscle strength, water play creek bed and mud pit for damming and engineering, kitchen gardens and fruit trees, native bees, indigenous gardens and wild spaces for exploring.

We understand the importance of deep play in natural settings for children’s brains and bodies to develop to their full potential.  Core strength is very important in developing children’s emerging pre-writing skills, so you will often notice our children digging, climbing, pushing and pulling, as they create their imaginative play spaces.

We can guarantee that your child will have an amazing time at Barefoot, but we cannot guarantee that they will come home the same colour as you left them! Play comes first at Barefoot, so old clothes only please.